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  1. Domain Names »

    1. I wish to renew but cannot find my domain.
    2. Where does the special domains name like .FM, .LA, & .TV come from?
    3. What are the fees for a new domain name?
  2. Registration »

    1. What payment methods are currently acceptable for a domain name registrations?
    2. What is DNS@dot?
    3. What is WebForwarding?
  3. Updates/Changes/Services »

    1. What are A-records and how do I manage them?
    2. How do I add an A-Record?
    3. How to Change Domain Ownership?
  4. Transfer »

    1. .UK and .CO.UK Transfer-In Procedure
    2. What does a .COM transfer Auth-Code include?
    3. My domain has been transferred to some other registrar without my knowledge
  5. Renewal »

    1. I wish to renew but the domain name is not listed in my control panel.
    2. How do I renew my domain?
    3. My Domain is in Redemption Period. What do I do?
  6. Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) »

    1. Why was my international domain name (IDN) not registered?
    2. How can I search for IDNs?
    3. What web browsers work with IDNs?
  7. Domain Names »

    1. Why register an .FM or an .AM domain?
  8. Updates/Changes »

    1. I do not remember my Domain Manager Account Login
    2. Domain not attached to a Domain Manager Account
    3. I registered via a registrar / reseller. Can I update my domain at dotFM?
  9. Transfer »

    1. Performing dotFM Domain Push
    2. Transfer an .AM domain to another registrar
    3. Transfer IN a .AM Domain
  10. Renewals »

    1. How do I update my form of payment?
  11. Registrar »

    1. How do I implement an EPP Connection for the .FM TLD?
  12. iDotz Documents »

    1. iDotz Verification Authorization Form
    2. Payment Chargeback Authorization Form
    3. iDotz Reactivation Form
  13. dotFM Documents »

    1. dotFM Verification Authorization Form
    2. Domain Redemption Authorization Form
    3. Domain Manager Email Address Change Form
  14. Registration »

    1. Do you offer WHOIS Privacy Service?
    2. TLD Domain Banners, Logos & Marketing Material
    3. Reseller Agreement
  15. Transfer »

    1. Transfer of domains within our Reseller Network (UserTransfer)
    2. Incoming Transfer Verification for gTLDs
  16. ICANN Verification Emails »

    1. ICANN Policy Details
    2. What should I do if my domain is suspended?
    3. What if I don't receive any validation emails?