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My Domain is in Redemption Period. What do I do?

Expired domains are held in a Redemption Period prior to being released to the main domain pool making them available for re-registration.

Since most domains are registered the minute they are dropped by the registry, the chances of being able to re-register your domain after it is dropped are quite slim.

In order to avoid the potential for loss, you may redeem your domain prior to its being released. To restore domains that have expired try logging into your account, then click on the link "Restore Domains" under "Domain Manager Account Settings." You will then need to provide your domain name in the open text field and press Submit. A form will be generated by our system, and the associated fee for redemption and renewal will be listed. Please download this form and complete the form with your credit card information and signature.

Please submit the completed form via fax [415-677-4025] or as a PDF attachment via email []. You can also attach the completed form as a response to an open ticket on our Support HelpDesk.

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